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Changing emotion with emotion

Welcome to the Hellenic Institute of Emotion Focused Therapy (HiEFT)!

The purpose of the Institute is to promote Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) and to create a community of EFT therapists in Greece. To this end, the Institute organizes training seminars and specialized masterclasses for psychologists, mental health counselors and psychotherapists who want to learn how to work with emotions or are interested in becoming EFT therapists.

What is Emotion Focused Therapy?

Emotion Focused Therapy is a research-based, humanistic approach that considers emotions to be central to human functioning and therapeutic change. Its increasing popularity and research on its effectiveness have made it an important approach to psychotherapy.

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The Institute provides a comprehensive Specialization Program in Emotion-Focused Therapy.

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Learn how you can become certified as an EFT therapist. 

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Learn more about the purpose, the trainers and the founder of the Institute.

Upcoming workshops

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EFT - Level 2, Module C: Focusing and reprocessing tasks

With Robert Elliott & Agathi Lakioti
March 29-30, 2024
Online via zoom

In the first part of this workshop participants will learn what Focusing is and how they can use it in EFT, while the second part will focus on reprocessing tasks such as systematic evocative unfolding and trauma retelling for traumatic experiences.

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Inner Relationship Focusing Training 
Level 4

With Agathi Lakioti
April 13 & 20, 2024
Online via zoom

In the last workship of the Focusing Training Program we learn how to deal with various difficulties that may arise in the process. In this stage you learn how to help with conflicting parts, with exiled parts and with the inner criticizing process. You experience the principle of radical acceptance of everything and how it applies to any process you encounter.

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New books


Ann Weiser Cornell

Μετάφραση και επιστημονική επιμέλεια Αγάθη Λακιώτη, εκδόσεις ΤΟΠΟΣ

Focusing is a body-oriented method of self-awareness, change and growth. It involves feeling into our bodies and receiving the messages they offer us about the situations we are experiencing. It is a process that helps us to understand ourselves and our emotions more deeply, to creatively solve the problems we face, and to make positive changes in our lives. 
This book, in a simple and straightforward way, is for anyone interested in starting or continuing a journey of self-awareness and emotional healing. It can be very helpful to anyone involved in the therapy process - either in the role of the therapist or that of the client. For therapists, Focusing can be a very useful tool that significantly enhances their work, while for clients it can make the therapeutic process deeper and more effective.


Sandra C. Paivio & Antonio Pascual-Leone (2023).
American Psychological Association

This fully updated second edition presents theory, research, and practice guidelines for short term, evidence based individual treatment for adults experiencing the effects of complex relational trauma.

The authors bring more than 25 years of research and clinical expertise to this evidence-based treatment model, which enables therapists to skillfully navigate the unique challenges facing these clients.

Chapters present practical aspects of EFTT alongside supporting research, allowing clinicians from different theoretical perspectives to either apply the complete package, or integrate aspects of the model into their current practice.

This comprehensive and essential resource is fully updated with current developments in research, clinical practice, and training.


What is Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT)?
Leslie Greenberg
Why are emotions important?
Robert Elliott
The Institute is recognized by the International Society for Emotion Focused Therapy
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