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Emotion-Focused Therapy Training Level 1
with Dr. Robert Elliott
September 4-7, 2024, Athens (in person)


Level 1 is an intensive 4 day training that provides therapists with the knowledge and skills required to work more directly with emotions in their practice. Participants will receive in depth skill training through a combination of brief lectures, video demonstrations, live demonstrations, case discussions and supervised practice in small groups (using participants' personal material).      


Emotion-Focused Therapy is a humanistic, empirically supported psychotherapeutic approach integrating person-centred therapy, Gestalt therapy and Focusing. Scientific research has demostrated its effectiveness  in treating depression, complex trauma and anxiety difficulties. It is an internationally recognized therapeutic approach through the work of Les Greenberg, Robert Elliott, Jeanne Watson, Rhonda Goldman, Sandra Paivio, Antonio Pascual-Leone and others.

Training objectives

Participants in this workshop will learn:

  1. The basic principles of Emotion Focused Therapy for healing and change 

  2. How to use basic concepts of emotion theory, such as emotion schemes, emotion response types, and emotional regulation

  3. When and how to help clients access painful emotions and when to moderate them

  4. How to identify key markers that lead to specific therapeutic tasks

  5. How to help clients reprocess problematic emotional reactions and unresolved relationships

  6. How to facilitate emotional processing to help clients resolve internal conflicts such as the process of self-criticism

  7. How to apply Emotion Focused Therapy to a range of problems such as depression and anxiety

Who can participate

This is an advanced course intended for certified therapists who are already working or for trainee therapists in their final years of training.

Therapists from all therapeutic approache who are interested in learning about Emotion Focused Therapy and how to work therapeutically with emotions can participate.


Level 1 is the first step towards certification in Emotion Focused Therapy by the International Society for Emotion-Focused Therapy (ISEFT) .

The training is recognized by ISEFT and everyone who completes all 4 days of training will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the training.


September 4-7, 2024


10.00 to 17.30


Athens (in person only)


English. Small group practice can be done in English or in Greek.


Regular price (after June 1, 2024): 600 euros (540 euros for trainee therapists)

Early bird price (until May 31, 2024): 540 euros (485 euros for trainee therapists)

Cancellation policy

  • If you cancel participation 30 days or more prior to the workshop date you will be refunded the participation fee minus 25 euros for administration costs.

  • If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the workshop date you will receive a credit, which you can use for a future workshop.

  • If you do not notify us in advance of the workshop date you will not receive a refund or credit.

  • You may transfer your registration to another individual at no extra cost. In this case, you need to notify us of the name of the person.

  • The organizers reserve the right to cancel the workshop due to instructor illness, extreme weather, under - enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances. If a workshop is cancelled, the participation fee will be refunded in full.


To register please email us at You can reserve your place in the training only by paying the workshop fee in full or by giving a deposit of 150 euros.

For more information and registration please contact here , at, or at 6944964300


Robert Elliott

Robert Elliott, Ph.D., is professor emeritus of counselling at the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, Scotland).  They received a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles, and are also professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Toledo (Ohio). Robert’s main research interests are in change processes in humanistic-experiential psychotherapies and psychotherapy research methodology.  They co-authored Facilitating emotional change (1993), Learning emotion-focused psychotherapy (2004), Research methods in clinical psychology (2015), Essentials of Descriptive-Interpretive Qualitative Research (2021), and Emotion-Focused Counselling in Action (2021), as well as more than 190 journal articles and book chapters. Robert is past president of the Society for Psychotherapy Research, and previously co-edited the journals Psychotherapy Research, and Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies. They are a fellow in the divisions of Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, and Humanistic Psychology of the American Psychological Association, and received the Distinguished Research Career Award of the Society for Psychotherapy Research, and the Carl Rogers Award from the Division of Humanistic Psychology of the American Psychological Association. They now live in California, enjoying walking, running, science fiction, poetry, and all kinds of music.

Agathi Lakioti.jpg
Agathi Lakioti, Ph.D.

Agathi Lakioti, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and works privately as a psychotherapist, supervisor, and trainer. She studied psychology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Panteion University and her MSc in Person-Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy from the University of Strathclyde. She teaches counselling and psychotherapy, Positive Psychology and research methodology at undergraduate and postgraduate level and has been a trainer and supervisor in the Person-Centred approach for over 15 years. She is a certified EFT therapist and supervisor by the International Society of Emotion-Focused Therapy. She is also a certified Focusing trainer by The International Focusing Institute. Finding out the effectiveness of EFT in her practice, and acknowledging the professional and personal growth she has experienced through the training and application of this approach, she decided in 2021 to found the Hellenic Institute of Emotion-Focused Therapy (HiEFT) and bring this approach in Greece.


The EFT Level 1 training seminar was a unique experience for me, a milestone in my personal and professional career. On a professional level in this training I found the theoretical and technical I needed to enrich my therapeutic role. The facilitators of the seminar were special, distinguished therapists but also warm people who created the safe environment that helped to assimilate the new knowledge theoretically and experientially. The organization of the seminar, the rich educational material, the combination of theoretical and experiential modules, are well structured and allow for an in-depth understanding of the therapeutic techniques and their application. I would definitely recommend participation in this training to anyone who feels ready to develop their psychotherapeutic skills but most importantly feels ready to change their attitude towards life.

Dimitris Mougios, Psychologist BSc. MSc.

The Emotion Focused Therapy - Level I training has been one of the best training experiences I have had in recent years. With great care and in a safe environment, Dr. Robert Elliott and Agathi Lakioti, Ph.d., trained us in an approach that enriched our skills as psychotherapists. Most importantly, they supported and empowered us to try out for ourselves the new things that we learned by approaching and exploring emotion through our own personal stories.

Marialexia Margariti, Psychologist - Synthetic Psychotherapist, M.Sc., M.A.

It was a very rewarding and intense experience. The techniques we learned were clear and applicable which provided great stability and security, while at the same time it clicked with all the therapeutic approaches that all participants had been trained in. Robert Elliot and Agathi Lakioti and the other facilitators were an excellent team of trainers with directness and very good support in the working groups. The experiential exercises were very powerful for all roles and combined both the cognitive and emotional elements. I would highly recommend this training! Thank you for this experience!

Dimitra Tagara

Rich and powerful experience - EFT is an excellent tool for professional use and personal development. Mr. Elliot, in addition to being a bottomless source of knowledge and skills, was also a source of inspiration. It was a great honor and pleasure to be able to train under his guidance.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Alexandros Herling

The training was very intense and certainly of great experiential value. I think emotion is somewhat neglected in therapeutic practice and I am glad to have been exposed to so many new dimensions of emotion. I gained a lot on both a personal and professional level. The first seminar made me want to continue with subsequent trainings. I think that the set up in terms of organization was excellent as well as the attitude of the people who took care of the seminar. 


The experience was very powerful, very different from my previous relationship with emotion and its "unfolding". The instructors were experienced but approachable and direct.

Katerina X.

I feel grateful and very lucky to have been given the opportunity to come in contact with this greatly helpful approach, I already feel a little stronger therapeutically, emotion is an inescapable part of us and is an essential component of therapy. Thanks for everything, see you at the next level!

Κ. Α.

Excellent training at all levels with technical training and hands-on experience:
- With trainers with high academic training, extensive clinical experience as well as comprehensive and fully supportive to the trainees.
- Targeted collection of notes, presentations & videos that help in understanding and deepening the theory. 
- With targeted experiential exercises that link theory to experience with interactive and in-depth feedback. 
- Overall an extended and engaging experience in this online training. 
- You come out of this training "richer" with useful tools that you can immediately apply in your practice.


This training was one of the most interesting, helpful and inspiring trainings I have ever attended. I learnt a lot about working with emotions and about the theory and therapeutic practice of EFT and I had the chance to practice in a safe and friendly environment. The trainer and the facilitators offered their great knowledge and experience in a very warm and encouraging way. I feel even more excited about EFT and I am looking forward to learn more and to use it in my therapeutic practice. 

Robert was very warm, approachable and explanatory.He did not have the expert's style that often creates a distance between the trainer and the trainees, but was instead present and willing to impart as much knowledge as he could. The good fortune to see Robert in the role of a therapist in a live demonstration is a unique experience. 

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for the excellent organization, for providing a wonderful, very rich experience that generated essential knowledge and the human contact that gave this four-day event the most beautiful, warm colors. I am looking forward to level 2.


Thank you very much for the organisation, quality and wealth of knowledge you have given us.

It was a transformative experience, where we had a hands-on experience of how powerful EFT can be. I highly recommend it to all therapists!

Thank you for everything, the organization, the practical information, the examples that made it alive, the notes and of course the love and care you shared with use on all aspects of the seminar!

EFT and the four-day training was a great revelation for me. Analysing emotions from a new perspective, new techniques and strengthening previous skills in a four-day session was a really positive experience. The trainers were an inspiration in themselves, since their belief and love of the approach was infectious. I would highly recommend both the approach and this training to anyone who believes that emotions and their expression can change the world!

The Institute is recognized by the International Society for Emotion Focused Therapy
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