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Working with shame and anger
in psychotherapy

Masterclass: Working with shame and anger in psychotherapy
with Leslie Greenberg

October 17 & 18, 2024
16:00 - 20:00, Online through zoom

Core unhealthy shame is a major source of psychological distress and human suffering. It results in feelings of worthlessness and self-contempt, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, and problematic behaviors (such as unhelpful anger/rage).  As a therapist, knowing how to work with healthy anger is fundamental in transforming core shame and accessing the sadness of grief related to childhood unmet needs.  


This workshop is designed by Dr. Leslie Greenberg, an international leader in the field of psychotherapy and emotion, and is tailored for mental health professionals from various training backgrounds.


This workshop will teach therapists practical skills on how to transform shame with healthy, interrupted anger and to process the sadness of grief related to childhood shame and the unmet needs associated with the shame.  Through didactic presentation and review of recent in-person, video-recorded therapy sessions, Dr. Leslie Greenberg will discuss specific client change processes and therapist interventions.

Participants will learn:

  • Principles of emotional change in working with shame 

  • How to help clients work with and bypass unhelpful anger/rage in session

  • Specific interventions to activate, process, and transform maladaptive shame (for example: interventions for self-criticism, age regression, working with childhood trauma memories)

  • Access and work with adaptive anger and the adaptive sadness of grief 

  • Work with clients who have difficulty accessing their emotions

  • Help clients develop new meaning and narratives 


Day 1

  • Shame: it’s Nature and Function

  • Principles of Emotional Change

  • Changing Emotion with Emotion 

  • Methods to Access the Maladaptive Emotion Scheme of Shame

  • Bypassing Secondary Rage and a Collapsed Self

  • Discussion of Video 1


Day 2

  • Using Age Regression and Processing Childhood Memories to Activate Origin of the Maladaptive Emotion Scheme

  • Accessing Healthy Adaptive Anger

  • Accessing and Deepening the Sadness of Grief

  • Meaning-Making and New Narratives

  • Discussion of Video 2

Who can participate

The workshop is suitable for all mental health professionals who want to learn how to work with shame and anger in psychotherapy. No prior training in Emotion Focused Therapy is required.


This workshop is not required for accreditation and it is not part of the certification process.


October 17 & 18, 2024


16:00 - 20:00 EEST

Mode of delivery

Online via zoom




Until Sunday June 30, 2024: 150 euros

From Monday July 1, 2024: 175 euros

Cancellation policy

  • If you cancel participation 30 days or more prior to the seminar date you will be refunded the participation fee minus 25 euros for administration costs.

  • If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the seminar date you will receive a credit, which you can use for a future seminar.

  • If you do not notify us in advance of the seminar date you will not receive a refund or credit.

  • You may transfer your registration to another individual at no extra cost. In this case, you need to notify us of the name of the person.

  • The organizers reserve the right to cancel the seminar due to instructor illness, extreme weather, under - enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances. If a seminar is cancelled, the participation fee will be refunded in full.

For more information and registration please contact here , at, or at 6944964300

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Dr. Leslie Greenberg

Leslie Greenberg is Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Psychology at York University in Toronto. Born in South Africa and originally an engineer, where he came to believe in tacit knowledge, that we know more than we can say, he switched to psychology in 1970 and trained in both Person-centred and Gestalt therapy. He has been engaged in psychotherapy research for over 40 years. He has authored major texts on Emotion-Focused Therapy, starting with the first books on Emotion in psychotherapy (1986) and Emotionally focused therapy for couples (1988) and Facilitating emotional change, with Laura Rice and Robert Elliott (1993). More recent books are Emotion-focused therapy (2015), Case formulation in emotion-focused therapy with Rhonda Goldman (2015), Emotion-focused therapy of forgiveness and letting go (2019) with Catalina Woldarsky, and Emotion-focused therapy of generalized anxiety (2017) with Jeanne Watson. He has received both the Early Career and the Distinguished Research Career awards of the International Society for Psychotherapy Research as well as the Carl Rogers and the Distinguished Professional Contribution to Applied Research awards of the American Psychological Association. He has also received the Canadian Psychological Association Professional Award for distinguished contributions to Psychology as a profession. He is a past President of the Society for Psychotherapy Research. He now spends most of his time training people nationally and internationally in Emotion-Focused Therapy.



Agathi Lakioti, Ph.D.

Agathi Lakioti, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and works privately as a psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer and seminar presenter. She studied psychology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and obtained her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Panteion University and her MSc in Person-Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy from the University of Strathclyde. She teaches counselling and psychotherapy, Positive Psychology and research methodology at undergraduate and postgraduate level and has been a trainer and supervisor in the Person-Centred approach for over 15 years. She is a certified therapist and supervisor in Emotion-Focused Therapy by the International Society of Emotion-Focused Therapy. She is also a certified Focusing trainer by The International Focusing Institute. Noting the effectiveness of EFT in her practice, as well as the professional and personal growth she has experienced through the training and application of this approach, she decided in 2021 to found the Hellenic Institute of Emotion-Focused Therapy (HiEFT) and spread this approach in Greece.

The Institute is recognized by the International Society for Emotion Focused Therapy
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